Salvage Dolls By Bowman Woodcraft
A Salvage Doll Being Born...

Why a Salvage Doll?

"Nantilly Elementals"

If you ever wished you had a way to remember Grandpa's old barn, the old tree that used to be in the back yard or any sentimental place or thing, then you understand what Salvage Dolls are all about.

Bowman Woodcraft's Dave Bowman developed the concept of Salvage Dolls as a whimsical way to keep a memory of the past that normally isn't able to be saved. By turning wood that would normally be discarded into a display doll, you have a unique and interesting connection to past memories, places or things.

Please enjoy the pictures and videos on our site (& YouTube)! If you have any questions, or would like to purchase, please do not hesistate to contact us.

Salvage Doll Price Range

  • Salvage Dolls Prices: Ranging from $200.00 - $700.00

With your Salvage Doll, you get:

The Doll

The doll is made to represent what you want. Each custom doll is stamped with Dave Bowman's initials (DRB) and which number doll it is for Bowman Woodcraft.

A Stand

This is the stand that can be set on a table or hung on the wall. If there is enough, each stand can be made from your desired piece of wood.

A Booklet

Each booklet contains: our logo page, an explanation page with the story of the doll, photos (if available) of where that specific piece of wood came from, & photos of the process of making it.

Interested in obtaining your own Salvage Doll? Please check out our "How to Buy" page with instructions on how you can get your own!